Land Plans


The property encompasses a swatch in the landscape from the floodplain where the front road passes to across the West Branch of the Huer Huero Creek to the uplands of a series of hills and creek-ways.  The soil ranges too with the rich dark river loam to the sticky thick light mountain tops.  Few rocks can be found on the property but when we do see them, we look hard.  We’ve found oyster shells in sandstone, the Fan Shell measuring at least 10” across and a few old Native American stones.  We have preserved and enhanced the main creek-way where wildlife passes down into.  When the creek does run, we have a way out back meeting Highway 41 about one mile away.  Our hills are garnished with a variety of oak trees, native grass and wild oats.  The deer call us home, the bunny rabbits frolic confronting squirrels when they can.  We like the wildlife and this peaceful place to live.  Come visit us, stay for a piece and enjoy a little of our lifestyle.

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Our place

This arial photo shows our place a few years ago, much different than we first began here.  It was trash, weeds and dirt.  Clean up began and the transformation too.  The old barn is still old, the THEME of the ranch: rustic, weathered and keeping with our ideals of: “fitting into a setting.”

Part of the ingredients:

Colors come from Nature

You can never go wrong IF you mimic colors already in a setting.  Take photos, identify the colors in that frame.  This one has grey, moss green, bright green, cream, nearly mauve, dark.  Do you see the deer?

Any old item

Rusty old metal, broken timbers or old boards, even some chunks of concrete recycle into the design of intimate places... This fountain is a collection of disc blades, old metal rim and the main stem is an concrete pipe tile.

Working with whats there

The old driveway made way to the existing house and Old Barn more or less in a straight line.  Things began to develop outward from here in straight lines & perpendicular to each other.  However in contrast, as seen in the aerial photo, the creek bends & turns thru the property suggesting there to wind & flow with it.  It’s sandy bank, the drive to the Big Barn, the drainage ditch, the swath of grass and then the pasture fence follow that same meander.

Materials make the difference

An old sentimental sign, wood siding, a simple roof with significant overhang & even an old rusty metal rod make the smallest places comfortable.

Borrowing from elsewhere

We can borrow ideas, get inspiration or make the most from views outward of where we are.  Frame views with trees & locate facilities accordingly, just like looking out a window.  This inspiring old barn is still in use by the farmer & enjoyed by photographers too.


Three Creeks